Business Strategy




Insurers constantly look for opportunities to expand their business, increase revenues and improve profitability. However, in each line of business and for the firm overall, growth can lead to increased revenues but also to an increased accumulation of risk. The challenge is to maximize profitability while appropriately balancing the risk/reward relationship.

MLBC helps clients to evaluate risk and manage costs by applying diverse actuarial, operational, and market experience, and by providing personalized support and innovative solutions.

MLBC can help answer questions such as:

• Does our business and marketing strategy make sense?
• Are the forecasts and assumptions in our business plan realistic?
• Have we properly understood and captured the forces underlying our business
   environment (economic, regulatory, competition, product, technology)?

• What are the reasons our business plan is failing and what can we do about it?
• How can we maximize our company’s risk-adjusted return while adhering to our risk
   appetite limits?

• How can we price our products to ensure correlation is appropriately recognized and
   each risk is charged appropriately for its use of economic or regulatory capital?