Actuarial Advice




Insurers rely on actuarial expertise for meet specific corporate and regulatory requirements. Mike Lombardi is an industry leader and has been an advisor to some of the largest insurance companies. He has been at the forefront of the profession in advancing Appointed Actuary work during his career. He has performed the role of appointed actuary or peer reviewer to dozens of companies, including regulatory sign-off for the following:

• Valuation of liabilities (Appointed Actuary)
• Determination of regulatory capital (MCCSR)
• Peer review of appointed actuary work (E-15)
• Stress testing (including DCAT)
• Dividend policy
• Independent actuary

Companies also seek advice on emerging issues and their potential impact on future financial results. Mike is an accomplished presenter, author, and speaker, presenting to Boards of Directors, insurance company management, management retreats, and industry conferences, and other industry audiences on specific actuarial topics.